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Rebecca Manning - UK
MetalHog is amazing! I've been listening to you guys for about four years now. =D 10/13/2008 18:20:35
Jervisonfire - England
omg, man...
You have no idea how much this means...
That metalhog album is just... THE SEX.

It's like my main two things in life mixed into one thing...
Metal and MegaDrive...

And I saw on youtube one of your guys (i think) with a megadrive-guitar, looked awesome! 10/13/2008 13:36:48
Jefferson Daniel - Brasil
Adorei seu trabalho, li sobre vcs em uma revista antiga, mais não consegui achar o site... agora alguns anos depois virei um fã!

muito bom...continuem assim, sucesso!!! 10/13/2008 13:22:06
Tiago - Portugal
Eu já uma vez dei os parabéns a vocês pelo o novo álbum, mas tenho que voltar a dizê-lo. Simplesmente não consigo parar de ouvir!

O que ficava muito bom nas vossas versões de metal era a musica do nível bonus do sonic the hedgehog 2 para mega drive.
Aposto que vão concordar comigo!

Comprimentos e que continuem por muito tempo! 10/11/2008 13:30:38
heavycarcass - chile
Amazing work man. Keep it up!!! 10/10/2008 14:57:31
Fábio - Brasil
Muito maneiro o som de vocês.
Estão de parabéns...
Apareçam na capital federal, afinal, dizem que aqui é a capital nacional do rock....
Abrços 10/08/2008 21:38:23
Chris - Ireland
You guys finally did a Sonic album! You guys rock, but did you have to go so high all the time? Best song is definitely still Rise From Your Grave. You guys keep the Mega Drive Alive! 10/08/2008 18:20:54
Klaus - Germany
Hi there!=)
I listen to you guys since i´ve heard Shou Ken wich is my favourite song of yours ever!!!
I totally love your songs and wish you much more success with your songs;-)
the only thing why i am sad is that i probally will never see you live because you won´t have a gig in germany...or do you planned one???If you have, i could explode about that LuckXD
see ya next time guys=) 10/08/2008 13:08:21
Alex - Brasil
Não posso deixar de dar os parabéns, tanto pela música quanto pelo site, ambos são muito bons. Parabéns! 10/08/2008 12:31:47
Jerry - United States of America
Whats up?

I just discovered you guys recently. I think your dedication to the 16-bit counsel is awesome; now i know why we keep playing these classics; the music is freaken awesome.

Anyway, I'm also a huge fan of the castlevania series, particularly symphony of the night. As a new fan, I think it would be dope if you guys recorded some tracks of that soundtrack. I have the official game soundtrack as it is, but i would love to hear your renditions of the classic songs.

I know this was long but thanks for you consideration.

PS: keep neoclassical metal alive guys!!!

your new fan,

Jerry 10/07/2008 20:25:10
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