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Dermot Carberry - Ireland
you guys RULE!!!!! brings back great memories!!! 10/27/2008 16:43:39
Gyser - Australia
From Brazil to Australia, the USA to the UK, and everywhere in between, keep on rockin' guys. 10/27/2008 06:40:52
AibyoukaKyu - USA
Yo dudes! You guys have the most kick-ass covers out of all the bands i've heard! Your new album MetalHog totally rocks, im a huge fan of Sonic, and these songs bring back so many epic memories. I'm telling everyone i know about you guys. Keep rocking out! 10/26/2008 21:33:06
Travis - Canada
You guys are excellent, you can definitely hear the love put into these fantastic Genesis remixes! I especially like your Top Gear album, it's always been my favourite racing game since I first played it. Rock on! 10/24/2008 07:18:37
Steve - US
Thank you guys for doing what you do. I have always loved video game music and was amped to find that you had some of my favorite tracks from Chrono Trigger, Act Raiser, Final Fantasy, and Megaman X. I hope you cover more songs from these games soon! Dont forget Final Fantasy 3(US) and Tactics!

Also more Zelda music dudes! 10/23/2008 01:46:52
Rita Maria Felix da Silva - Brasil
Não conhecia a banda e a idéia me pareceu muito interessante. Vou escutar as músicas. Desde já me interessou muito.
Rita 10/22/2008 23:07:27
Diego - Brasil
vcs redefiniram a expressao KISS SOME ASS.

IT`s Over 9000! 10/22/2008 14:30:37
Hugo - Brasil
A última versão de Mad Racer (Top Gear) está muito boa, tirando o fato de terem exagerado na compressão dinâmica do som, se não fosse isso estaria perfeita! 10/22/2008 10:25:20
hip hop fan - germany
i'm not into metal, but remixes of old sega games is definitly fantastic!
greetz 10/21/2008 20:42:28
Zoran - Bosnia
New Sonic Album is fantastic 10/21/2008 13:05:07
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